Ship and Crate

Crating Tip: Crating Paintings and High Value Art

Seeing a treasured piece of art delivered to its intended destination is exciting.  However, fear of damaging the piece is always present and causes stress to build up.  Ship N Crate understands this and seeks to avoid these concerns by taking the proper  steps before art can be shipped. 

Ship N Crate has shipped sculptures, paintings, glasswork, and more. You can be  sure that our advice and expertise are what you want before your piece gets crated.  This is why, upon request, our company crates a piece of art at its current location. This  avoids any damage caused by transporting the item to an alternate  crating location. While also providing our clients a view of their art being packaged properly. 

Steps to Prepare a Painting for Shipping: These steps add the extra security you want for your item. 

  1. Wrapping the piece in silicone or acid-free Glassine paper ensures a protective seal for oil paintings. 
  2. Adding double-wall corrugated sheets creates a barrier for the delicate edges of the item. 
  3. Covering the item in layers of bubble wrap will cushion the whole item. We recommend two layers. 
  4. Next, the item is slid into its custom crate with foam padding. Packing can be done with multiple paintings in one crate. 
  5. Ensure the crate is properly heat-treated and sturdy enough for its journey. 
  6. Finally, hand over the crate to a shipping company you trust to handle the item and deliver it to its destination correctly.

With Ship N Crate, we prioritize the item’s security by implementing these steps
 and maintaining constant communication with our customers. Our employees provide a  tailor-made experience. Incorporating the necessary packaging steps that items need based on their unique characteristics. Every item deserves the best. 

Let us help make transporting your artwork a safe and reassuring process. Don’t let your concern for a piece getting damaged stop you from shipping your work of art. 

Let the professionals at Ship N Crate help to make your shipping experience safer and  less stressful.