Ship and Crate
Ship and Crate

Custom Built Wood Crates and Boxes

Professional Storage, Shipping, and Specialty Crating.

Save valuable time and energy with Ship-n-Crate located in San Antonio, Texas. We provide fast crating and packaging services using top-quality wooden crates. We build for commercial, residential, local, out of state, and international uses. Some items require special crates for safe transportation; that’s why we custom-build each crate depending on your needs.

Safe and secure shipping and transportation of all your goods and cargo across country, worldwide, or locally, we cover all of your bases. Your custom wood crate will travel by land, air, and ocean freight so we must manufacture only the highest quality of extremely well-built shipping crates. Large hard to transport industrial crates protect and insulate any trade show, fine art, large production run, auction, vintage and antique cargo.

Specialty Services

  • Aviation
  • Medical
  • Technology
  • Art
  • Antiques
  • Furniture
  • Industrial


To safely transport large, heavy, and awkward items, you’ll need to use a crate. This is a large shipping container often made of wood. We use wooden crates that come in several variations. The style is based on the characteristics of a specific item’s value, size, and weight. Load-bearing members, saddles, and supports may be required on the inside of the crate to ensure proper stability as well as bracing, steel banding, blocking, and bolting. The following are the types of crates we offer.

Art & Antique Crates
• Computer & Display Crates
• Furniture & Electronic Crates
• Heat-Treated, Internationally Certified Crates
Industrial & IT Equipment Crates
• Knock-Down & Mass-Produced Crates
Military Crates
Moving & Trade Show Crates
Museum-Quality & Product-Specific Crates
• Reusable Crates


Ship-n-Crate is not limited to just building wooden crates. The nature of our industry and specialty is to package all items properly, from shipping containers and moving boxes to custom-made, Styrofoam™-lined art boxes and large furniture cartons. We pack anything and everything, including:

Art & Antiques, including Museum-Quality Items
• Furniture
• Industrial Items
• IT Equipment
Military Goods
• Trade Show Products
• Product-Specific Items


Local packing and shipping has never been easier with our services. But often larger and hard to ship and move items or quantity are presented. Ship-n-Crate specializes in providing quality custom built crates for products to worldwide industries. Our exceptional and sturdy inustrial wooden crates can accommodate high-tech machine equipment, valuable commodities, and sensitive electronics.

Do you have a plant or office relocation? Locally or international oversea shipping and freighting is why we are here. We provide optimum stability and vibration control which is critical for industrial applications.