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Professional Storage, Shipping, and Commercial Moves.

The problem often presents it’s self that you need to ship something, only to find that nowhere offers the specific box or packing material that you need to safely mail or deliver your goods. Or are you concerned about how to safely pack and crate a valuable or fragile item ? Save time, money, and worry when you ship with us. Call for a free quote and just bring your items directly to our shipping warehouse in San Antonio, TX. We will store, pack, and ship everything for you. We have the man power and materials to take care of all of your local or international freighting. Large or small, fragile and high tech – it does not matter. Be confident with us that we will get you to your destination on time and intact.

Do you have sensitive and fragile items that need a delicate hand to assure safe transport and delivery? We offer our sevices to all near local San Antonio a specialty white glove delivery service with all antique’s, artwork, paintings, heirlooms, auctions, and memorabilia.

Affordable packing options for your next move.

Packing and packaging small or large items cross country is a fairly straight-forward process. You load items in a box, take it to a carrier, and pay a flat rate or one based on weight. But if you’re shipping large items, or everything from your house, finding a cheap shipping solution becomes even more important. How do you get your belongings cross country safely while still staying in budget?

There are plenty of ways to ship your household goods across the country, but there’s only one option that pairs affordable rates with exceptional service — and that’s Ship-n-Crate of San Antonio, Texas.

Packing and Transporting across the country
with Crating Services in San Antonio, TX.

Ship-n-Crate was designed to help you ship your commercial, residential, local, and international, goods across the country for a reasonable price. We will safely load and unload your belongings, and assure safe transport of all cargo. Our final price is fair, competitive, and in your best interest, not on how much space you use or weight (like it is with traditional shipping companies). All of our customers find that this makes a huge impact on their final shipping costs.

Why space vs. weight matters when shipping household goods.

When price is based on weight, a moving company representative does an in-home or business estimate where they walk through your home and estimate how much your belongings weigh. If you choose to move with them, they’ll take the loaded shipment to a weigh station to get the actual weight. If there’s a discrepancy in the actual weight and the quoted weight, your price could go up.

When price is based on linear feet, an in-home estimate isn’t necessary. You can enter all of the items you’re moving into our warehouse safe and secure while we calculate the linear footage you need. Your reservation will be made based on this estimate, but you only pay for the space you use on moving day. That means, if you use less, you pay less… it’s as simple as that.
Moto Crating and Freighting in San Antonio

Ship-n-Crate is your local professional full service packing and shipping store.

Mailing out boxes is just the first thing you should consider when visiting our local shipping store. We have a trained professional staff experienced with more than twenty years of industry logistics to help you securely pack your shipment for secure and safe transportation and delivery down the street or across the seven seas. International shipping and local delivery both need specific packing care to ensure your valuables, antiques, and belongings arrive safely.

Not only is time and care factored in and considered when packing shipments for on-time dependable delivery, but custom boxes are created to fit your specific dimensions. Do you have a uniquely designed item, what we do is secure it for you with packing abilities and sophisticated supplies like foam-in-place technologies.
Furniture & antiques often require and need a delicate touch with particular experience and skills to correctly package for secure delivery. The team of employees we hire and train takes each and every item’s shape and worth in mind with packing in our warehouse store. We actually offer insurance and consultation on packing and shipping valuable antiques and art.

Shipping electronics and computers something we love to do at our packaging store. We have decade of experience to handle what is required to guard desktops, servers, and widescreen TV’s from the transport of shipping across the country or around the glove. You could be moving offices but don’t have time to buy supplies and pack the technology yourself? Ship-n-Crate’s packaging staff will take a personal trip to your office when our transit services are requested.

Our store offers a wide selection of the supplies you need to pack and move. Our moving supplies can either be purchased in-store or delivered to your door anywhere in Texas. A free quote is a call away and we will get you the packing supplies you need on time. Why stress out over a local or state to state move when the difficulties of moving are in full swing.

At Ship-n-Crate, our packing store and storage warehouse will enable you to trust us to pack and ship anything and everything with warm and friendly, knowledgeable services.