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Crating Tip: Protecting Electronics When Shipping

It’s concerning to think about the potential damage that could be done to your electronics when shipping. But fearing what could happen should not deter you from shipping your item. Ship N Crate has experience shipping Electronics, and we want to share some tips to avoid damage so your next shipping experience is the best. 

Why These Tips Matter 

Electronics can cost thousands of dollars and are a big investment for a company. These items must avoid harm, whether it’s a personal employee computer or a company-wide server.  Installing a new server or purchasing a new computer is time-consuming and costly,  not to mention all the data you could lose if your electronics get harmed. Use our advice to help avoid these outcomes. 

Tips for Shipping 

Make Use of These Tips When Shipping Your Valuable Electronics 

  • Make a backup. Before you even package your item, if it stores information or has essential files, you need to back up that information. Take a spare hard drive or use another file-storing software to upload a copy of your files. 
  • Wrap loose cords. If your item has cords that don’t detach, then make sure you wrap them and then bind them to the item. This will keep them from bending or breaking in transit. 
  • Wrap your item in a protective layer of anti-static wrap. A lot of damage to sensitive electronics isn’t from getting knocked around in transit but from a static build-up. Static electricity can cause serious damage to delicate circuits. 
  • Cover the item with something to protect it from vapor. Whether a plastic wrap or a spare plastic bag, you must make a barrier for your package that blocks humidity. Corrosion caused by humidity can easily ruin your entire item. 
  • Choose the right crate. If you choose what crate will be used to ship your electronics, we recommend a custom wooden crate. These crates will fit your item perfectly, leaving no room for it to shift in the container. The wood will also provide another durable barrier against external elements. 
  • Loading/Unloading with a ramp or smooth surface. Dropping an electronic, even in a crate, must be avoided at all costs. Some of these items have very delicate interiors with components balanced delicately. The force of a drop could cause a  piece to bend or snap.
  • Pick the perfect company. Lastly, make sure you choose a company with experience in shipping electronics. Ship N Crate treats every package’s security as a priority; custom crating is what we do best.


In Conclusion 

You can never have too much protection when preparing to ship an electronic item. Use our tips and communicate with your shipping company closely. Make sure your item is getting the care it needs. Ship N Crate is here to help you have a better and less stressful shipping experience.