Ship and Crate

Crating Tip: Using Plastic Crates & Boxes

Shipping a precious item or a collection of delicate art pieces is exciting and  terrifying. Any number of things could go wrong in transit. Picture this: your items arrive at their new destination and are in pieces, or maybe there was an accident,  and the packaging failed. These issues could have been avoided from the start. 

Ship N Crate has shipped sculptures, paintings, glasswork, and more. Our experience  has helped us avoid damage in our shipping orders many times. Let us help make your shipping experience safer. 

For small or medium-sized items, we like to use plastic crates. We don’t do this for  every order; some items need personalized crating, but these crates are just right for some jobs. These crates are a simple and efficient alternative to custom wooden crates. 

Best Reasons for Using Plastic Crates 

Here are a few reasons why we use these crates for specific orders. 

  • Save Money It’s true they do save money. Whether you want to use a simple cardboard box or have a custom wooden crate built, both cost more. With plastic crates, you don’t need nails, tape, cardboard, or tools. Secure the crate’s lid or walls, and you’re done. 
  • Quick Packing There is no assembly required for the smaller plastic bins. They come built, and all you must do is close the lid. 
  • Space Saver: Our plastic crates, large or small, are all collapsable or stackable. They can be easily stored for later use. 
  • Highly Protective Not only are plastic crates water resistant, but plastic also naturally absorbs a bit of shock. You can be sure that their safety is excellent.

Ship N Crate understands that some shipments or moves can be done but just  as safely. That is why these crates and bins are something we always recommend when it’s right. Relax, knowing that these crates can give your items a safe transit. 

Let us help make transporting your artwork a safe and reassuring process. Don’t allow  your concern about a piece getting damaged to stop you from shipping your items. Let  the professionals at Ship N Crate help to make your shipping experience safer and  less stressful.